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Common Offshoring Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Like any business strategy, offshoring is not without its challenges and issues. If applied incorrectly, offshoring can result in a negative experience, with companies not realizing what it can fully…

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The Three Best Tips for Proper Offshore Team Management

When your business finally decides to offshore, the next thing you need to consider is the offshore team that will help you. It’s your responsibility to form a team that will address your…

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In Photos: Making A Splash At The Diversify Summer Outi...

Take a look at some great photos from Diversify's 2018 summer outing.

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Making A Splash At The Diversify Summer Outing

Diversify has always made it a point to be a fun and exciting place to work in. If you’ve seen what goes on into the planning and presentation of our monthly huddles, Diversify works and plays…

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