Why Businesses Need To Consider Cloud Services

Last month, we discussed some of our predictions for 2018 and what we believe will shape business trends. One such trend was the emerging use of cloud services across different industries.

From the outside, cloud services might seem like a fad, even sometimes unreliable. However, because of what current technologies have developed, investing in the cloud could prove advantageous.

In fact, for businesses to stay ahead of the game, it is strongly recommended they have cloud services in use. Many outsourcing companies swear by the reliability, accessibility and ease that it brings to them.

Cloud Services, Outsourcing and You

Simply put, making use of cloud services traditionally forgoes the storing of data in physical hard drives, in favor of doing it online. No longer should we rely on important data and projects being stored in drives when they can just be saved online (or in the cloud).

There are several advantages to this. For one, it means accessibility at all times, anywhere in the world. Gone are the days where colleagues transferred data files through diskettes, burned CDs and even USBs around the office. Doing so has always posed massive security risks. Through the cloud however, sensitive data can be stored and accessed in a much more secure manner.

Another advantage is seen in the current rise of real time collaboration. Thanks to services like Google Drive and Dropbox, employees and team members are able to work on the same project at any given time or location. We’ve discussed before how the “paperless office” will be a trend for businesses in the future, and that is largely in part due to cloud services.

With all this in mind, it should also be noted that using cloud services is a cost effective measure. Companies need not rely on their IT departments to handle server and storage needs for their data. Instead, companies can pay what they want with the cloud services they require, while their IT department can focus on other priorities.

Potential issues that may arise

For all the advantages cloud services have, it is also not without its problems. Earlier we stated that outsourcing companies swear by the reliability, accessibility, ease and security cloud services have. However, if companies partner with the wrong provider, these can also be the source of their problems.

We’ve heard stories of people’s personal files being “stolen from the cloud” and how malware can potentially affect it. While these risks are certainly present, they can also be easily avoided through due diligence and careful consideration. Companies looking to make a serious investment in cloud services should know the potential risks involved and not just see what advantages it can bring. In doing so, they will be able to find the right provider to partner with for their goals.

Everything in the cloud

Cloud services have been around for awhile. With recent interest and traction in it, its use will continue expand and into other industries. It has helped in creating a virtual office that businesses can reap benefits from, as well as provide ease and reliability to different tasks.

In a survey conducted by IDG in 2016, it was predicted that about 60% of an IT company’s apps and platforms will reside in the cloud by 2018. With cloud services getting much wider use, it seems like their prediction was right on the money.

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