Diversify’s holistic, integrated approach is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We treat your decision to build an offshore workforce as much more than a cost-driven transaction. Our founding director, Robert Hynes has walked in your shoes. He developed Diversify when his own business needed to grow, so he understands how it feels when you need to take that extra step toward growth, capability, or operational efficiency.

We believe that using offshore resources is more than just transplanting a business process to another team of people. We’ve built our reputation on the ability to nurture and foster high quality, high performance teams for our clients.

We walk the talk. We understand offshoring from end to end because we use offshore staff in our own business.

Our operations team lives and works in the Philippines, so we are immersed in the culture of your offshore workforce. We understand what motivates them as employees – and as people. By immersing our offshore teams in the Diversify culture and values, we deliver you an engaged and motivated workforce.


We Care

Our overarching, core principle is one of genuine care.

We care about our people and work hard to provide them with a culture and working environment that they love, and work that stimulates and challenges them.

We care about our clients and pride ourselves on developing the best tailored solutions that will deliver exceptional results for their business. We want you to experience the success of a carefully executed offshore strategy and reap the unique benefits of a flexible offshore workforce.

This is what sets us apart and is central to our success.


Our Values

We love to work with like-minded people who align with our values and share our enthusiasm for solving business problems creatively. Building our cornerstone philosophy of care, our values that guide us in everything we do.


An absolute regard for the rights, wishes, feelings and opinions of others

Spirit, energy and commitment

Leveraging the power of people to collaborate, communicate and inspire

Building and nurturing enduring alliances that add value

Superior quality in all that we do


Optimising your business is a daunting task – whether that means enhancing efficiency, growing capability, or increasing capacity. Choosing to do so through an offshoring strategy is an unfamiliar approach for many. Diversify’s knowledge and experience in offshoring makes it easy to navigate your way to achieving results.

Collectively, our management teams have xx years of experience working with all kinds of businesses to establish and manage offshore workforces that deliver results. Our knowledge and experience in the offshoring space runs deep. We know what works (and what doesn’t!) and we’ll apply our insight to a solution that’s tailored to your business needs and work alongside you to make sure you reap the benefits of an offshoring strategy..

Our experience is yours to tap into.



Location counts for a lot in an offshoring strategy. It has the potential to make or break your success. Diversify has done all the hard work to identify the locations in the Philippines best suited to offshoring. We have based ourselves in the central business hubs of Manilla, to ensure your offshore team has access to major amenities and transportation. Your offshore team will work from our custom built offices that have been designed to create an innovative, inspiring and nurturing work environment.


Happy Staff

Engaged, contented employees are what can take a company from good to great. Achieving staff engagement can seem complicated at the best of times – let alone when you’re working with a global team. Diversify has developed the best processes, procedures and working environment to keep your offshore team motivated, engaged and focused on getting results. We’ll help you to find the right employees and work with you to make sure they’re giving you their best every day.


Client Relationships

Diversify’s relationships with clients are more than a business transaction. Choosing to work with us is a decision to enter into a partnership. We love working with like-minded businesses that align with our values and share our enthusiasm for solving business problems creatively. We work with our clients on the basis of a mutual commitment to people, values, and performance.

If we’re the right fit for you, we’d love to discuss how our global workforce can help you achieve things with your business that you didn’t think possible.