Competition and Camaraderie at the 2016 Diversify Sportsfest

For most people, Sundays often mean a day of rest in preparation for the upcoming work week. For Diversify last November 20th, it was a different kind of Sunday as our annual Sportsfest went underway.

Held at the British School Manila (BSM) in Taguig, the event was attended by staff from both Makati and BGC who were looking to both show-off their competitive spirit and to also have fun as well.

Some sights and sounds from the Sunday sportsfest

Everybody dance now!

Despite an early call time of 7:00 am for registration (and on a Sunday no less!), participants and spectators alike from our two offices were out in full force and eager to get things started. As a prelude to the event, a special dance session for everyone presented started the day off. It was a unique but effective warm up that set the bar for the day ahead. After a morning prayer, some opening remarks from our organisers and the taking of the oath of sportsmanship, it was time for the games to begin.

Ball is life

Up first was the volleyball game that ended up being incredibly competitive. Slated as a first-to-three sets game, both teams pushed each other to their limits that it took all five sets before a winner was decided. It was an exciting back and forth game, and in the end, the Diversify Blue Team took the final set.

Ready for action!

Afterwards, players and spectators moved to a different area of BSM’s gymnasium to watch the basketball game. As one of the most popular sports in the Philippines, Diversify has no shortage of passionate basketball fans and players who had long talked about playing (or even just watching) this highly anticipated game, even weeks before Sportsfest! Much like the volleyball game before it, everyone played with heart, and you could clearly see everyone was having a good time on and off the court. With a final score of 69-63 favouring the Blue Team as well, it was a close game that certainly delivered and maybe even exceeded people’s expectations.

Diversify's hardcourt heroes

Diversify’s hardcourt heroes

While this was all going on, badminton nets were set up for anyone who wanted to play with friends or even just give it a try. Even if there were no prizes or medals to be awarded for this event, everyone that participated in the game showed that it was more about having fun and enjoying this event with their Diversify family.

Everything is better with friends

Medals and prizes were handed out to the winners just before the Sportsfest’s closing ceremonies. Despite not seeing each other on a regular basis, it was wonderful to see the teams that participated were comprised of different staff members from both offices. It was awesome to see the camaraderie shown by everyone who participated. Although some left without medals, it was not about winning; it was about being together and having fun in a team environment.

Team Divercity with their medals

Team Divercity Blue with their medals

In her opening remarks, our People and Culture Manager Diana emphasised seeing the Sportsfest as a way of unwinding from our usual work routine. It presented us opportunities to not only learn more about the people from the other office but to also inspire others while also being inspired by them.

Indeed, whether you were there to play or to cheer friends on, everyone felt like a winner, and there were no real losers that emerged when it was all over. Even if it meant coming in on a day off, the enthusiasm and eagerness displayed by the Diversify staff was truly inspiring, with anticipation for next year’s Sportsfest already building up. With new ideas being formed and the prospect of new faces being present for it, the 2017 Diversify Sportsfest couldn’t come soon enough.

Let's do it again next year!

Let’s do this again next year!

Check out more photos from the event here!

The importance of IT Infrastructure for your offshoring team

ICT (or information communication infrastructure) is the backbone of any successful offshoring model. Without reliable infrastructure, any outsourcing or offshoring project is doomed to fail.

Why is this? Having access to reliable ICT infrastructure allows your offshore employees to interact and communicate with your local team seamlessly. We have discussed just how important it is to communicate and engage with your staff frequently and if your connectivity is not consistent, or high speed, these interactions could be arduous and frustrating which will be an impediment to the success of your program.

We cannot stress enough, how important it is to get this right. With the breakdown in geographical barriers due to rapidly advancing digital communication technologies, businesses of all sizes should be able to leverage the power of offshore workforces.

However, we are starting to see more and more businesses engage offshoring solutions providers who don’t have the ICT infrastructure bit right. They don’t have reliable and efficient systems, they don’t have experienced teams who know how to get things humming, and they don’t know how to roll out successful offshore programs.

With the right infrastructure, businesses can communicate what they need from and also temper their expectations as if their offshore team was right there with them. If you want to get the most out of your offshore team, your business needs to look closely at the locations you want to offshore to.

Keep in mind, picking locations close to key metro hubs is going to give you access to more reliable and advanced infrastructure.

The further out you go, the less likely you are going to experience reliable and efficient infrastructure. Put it this way, businesses in metro areas like Brisbane and Sydney have incredibly advanced infrastructure when compared to rural areas like Gladstone or Townsville.

In the Philippines, Metro Manila is home to the most robust IT infrastructure in the country. Compared to other offshoring locations in the Philippines like Cebu and Davao City, major telecommunications providers base their operations in Metro Manila. Businesses have been able to leverage this to their advantage and enjoy excellent internet speeds and connectivity.

While being connected to the Internet is now a luxury that we often take for granted, it’s good to be reminded why having a constant and robust infrastructure in place will be very beneficial to you and our company.

Manila’s IT Infrastructure

The Philippine government has continued to make strides in improving the Internet connections in the country. Despite the entire country being interconnected, the biggest IT hub still remains Metro Manila.

Major companies such PLDT and Globe have their headquarters located in Manila and compared to other locations in the Philippines, is considered the fastest in the country. As the home of the country’s business hub as well, it was important for these companies to ensure their IT infrastructure was in the strongest where it would be needed most. Although still incomparable to the United States and Australia, Metro Manila offer internet speeds that can peak at 50 Mbps. Compared to other offshoring locations in the Philippines, provincial areas such as Baguio and Davao City reach only to about half that.

Cost Savings

Aside from convenience, a sturdy IT infrastructure will also mean reduced costs for your company. Additionally, by being well equipped to troubleshoot any issues that may rise, it means avoiding any potential loss that may incur due to downtime or disconnection from your offshoring team.

Troubleshooting In An Instant

When you’re at home relaxing, losing your internet connection is just about the worst thing that could happen! If you’re at work however, the effects of being disconnected, even for just a few minutes, are much more severe. In today’s fast paced and interconnected society, companies are relying more and more on a solid IT infrastructure to ensure the flow of the data remains stable for their day-to-day operations. Still, technical problems beyond a company’s control can arise.

That’s why it is important to have a solid IT department that can troubleshoot any potential issues in the quickest time possible.

It is advisable for companies to have two ISPs to minimise redundancy and downtime. That is why Diversify has taken steps to ensure that not only does it have two ISPs in its infrastructure, but is also located in areas where power generators can help keep workflow running amidst bigger issues such as blackouts. We understand the importance of staying constantly connected with your offshoring team and have invested in not only having a stable system to ensure things run smoothly on both your and a client’s end but we also have highly skilled technicians that can readily address issues that may arise. If you have been considering hiring an offshore staff for your company, we have taken steps to ensure that will be a seamless experience for you.