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Offshoring Predictions for 2018: Part 2

Last week, we talked about some of our offshoring predictions, and the BPO industry in general. We discussed the resiliency of the BPO Industry amidst major changes, the heightened importance of…

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Offshoring Predictions for 2018: Part 1

With 2017 winding down, it’s clear that the BPO Industry – and offshoring specifically – had plenty to celebrate. Particularly in the Philippines, where its growth is predicted to outpace other…

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Why Offshoring is Like Hiring Locally (But Better)

A recent survey done on the state of offshoring in Australia highlighted the quality of work produced by offshore teams. It also delved on the issue of staff turnover and how much savings were…

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Ringing In The Holiday Season with Diversify

There are two great loves that many Filipinos have: singing and the holiday season. Chances are, you’ve heard stories of how early Christmas is celebrated in the Philippines. As early as September,…

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