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Four Ways a Web Developer Transforms Your Business

First impressions matter and this is greatly amplified on the Internet. As today’s online platform becomes a larger part of people’s lives daily, how you are perceived has become an important…

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In Photos: The 2017 Diversify Sportsfest

Bragging rights and exciting plays were what made the 2017 Diversify sportsfest memorable. Check out some of the day's best moments right here.

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The Spirit of Togetherness at the 2017 Diversify Sports...

Company events always have that special something that makes them worth going to. After the hard work everyone puts in, a more relaxed and casual environment can be good for fostering stronger…

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What Companies Get Wrong About a Customer Service Repre...

There are a variety of titles businesses have for a customer service representative. They are commonly called “call centre agents,” which is not indicative of their contributions to the company….

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